Classe 1989

The project MareMuro had its first step in October 2019 with the creation of working groups and workshops in Bologna, Berlin and Shkodër, about the question of borders and migrations within a reflection on colonialism and post-colonialism, on recent history, in particular in relation to the overcoming of the geopolitical blocks of the East and West. The workshops involved artists, young people and migrants.

MareMuro had its first public step on November 13, 2019, in Bologna, with the “Classe 1989” (Classroom 1989) event. “Classe 1989” was an original performative-informative-analytical event, becoming a model on which to work also in future steps.

“Classe 1989” represented an opportunity to deepen the concept of “Wall”, creating a link between the Berlin Wall (the reference was with year 1989) and the current walls. Many were the participants who brought their contributions: Daniela Camboni, Silvia Bartolini, Massimo Golfieri, Marco Zanardi, Luciano Manzalini, Eraldo Turra. In particular, the contribution of Achille Occhetto, secretary of the Italian Communist Party in 1989 and witness of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the Ghanaian Richard Kwakye who brought his experience as a migrant across the Mediterranean sea/wall was precious.