Noe 2

During the summer, the Albanian focus of the project developed, with the conception, workshop sessions and theatrical creation, coordinated by Stefan Çapaliku, with the involvement of over 70 people. The performance project focused on the relationship with borders, seen from the perspective of Albania, a country that has experienced decades of confinement before being able to overcome them.
Dramaturgy by Lekë Tasi, Stefan Çapaliku and Ledian Gjeçi; directed by Stefan Çapaliku; set design Ergys Vela; with Lekë Tasi and Ledian Gjeçi.

The show “Noe 2” therefore focused on the symbolic figure of a new Noah, personified by a representative figure of Albanian culture, Lekë Tasi, visual artist, musician and writer, born in 1929, interned for 15 years in a remote village and, after the fall of communism, returned to the center of the Albanian artistic panorama: he is the “Noah” depositary of the memory, which he shared with the dozens of participants in the workshop and the final performance, which was carried out on August 21 in Shkodër.