In October 2019 a theatre workshop started in Bologna, expressly aimed at deepening the themes of “MareMuro” and their possible theatrical expression, with Italian and migrant people. The wokshop has been conduced by actor and director Gianluca Enria. On June 15 and 16, 2020, the final outcome of the workshop on “MareMuro” was presented in Bologna, at the reopening of the theatre venues after a lockdown that lasted 3 and a half months, due to Covid emergency.

The final show is “LAB-yrinth”, based on the ancient myth of the labyrinth. An accomplished mission, that of Theseus, and an unfinished one, the love of Ariadne. A sea that should envelop and that instead divides. “What hands have they built for you?”, said the man on the wall. “Yours, while you were thinking of dividing yourself by imprisoning your own story”, replied the wall. It is useless to raise barriers: in history the walls have never resisted.

The final performance has been staged with the participation of Anas Arqawi, Alessandro Vincenzo Dimitri, Valentina Gaggi, Asia Martinelli, Margherita Monti, Damiano Pasi, Jelena Stojanovic.