Classe 2020

Third appointment with the “classroom” format, already used for “Classe 1989” and “Classe 1990”. This time MareMuro has been expressed in “Classe 2020”, an event open to the public (despite the great limitations due to Covid), on October 16, 2021.

The evening was an important opportunity for reflection on seas, walls, borders and foreigners, this time through the involvement of witnesses and experts in particular on the articulation of the role of culture and education.
The event has been conducted by the journalist Daniela Camboni and the writer and educator Eraldo Affinati, and the guests Antonella Agnoli, the director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna Enrico Fornaroli, the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina, the Afro-Italian rapper Tommy Kuti and the athlete Danielle Frédérique Madam.
During the evening a performance was acted by Theater X.