Shorts on line

As part of the initiatives for the free dissemination of cultural events online, MareMuro offered the public the opportunity to watch some movies that deal with the theme of borders and migration. They are 8 short films by young Libyan directors, made in 2017 with the support of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies and the European Union, and 1 medium-length film that tells the long journey of a Kurdish migrant from Afrin to Germany, documented by her smartphone (directed by Juan Ibesh in 2016).
The short and medium-length films have been made available for free viewing on Vimeo from 15 to 31 December 2020.

List of the films:
“Afdis” by Azrou Magura
“Sahab” by Hana Alhijazy
“Kidnapped” by Mohamed Fanan
“Locked away” by Mohamed Lagha
“Salha’s song” by Alaa Hasen Snead
“Silence” by Nora Morajea Abdelkrim
“Ta3bir” by Hussein Eddeb
“The hard choice” by Faraj Hamza
“Selfie” by Juan Ibesh