Migrations in red

Ten stories of “liberation”, on the Italian Liberation Day (from Nazi oppression), that cross the world through ten different countries, from Albania, Brazil, China, Congo, Iran, Iraq, Mali, Palestine, Peru and Romania. They are migrants in the year of the pandemic that constantly changes color (in Italy the regions were given different colors depending on the degree of incidence of Covid), and they recount their difficult experiences with the aim of a new life. The protagonists met in the live web event “Migrations in red”, curated by Teatri di Vita, Sunday 25 April 2021. The third “poetic investigation” by Katia Ippaso and Stefano Casi (after the “Adolescences in yellow” and “Oldness in orange”) sees the participation of Theater X and Arka Youth Center with video interventions made during the international project “MareMuro”.

With Cédric Misau (Congo), Ahmed Tanbouz (Palestine), Demostenes Uscamayta Ayvar (Peru), Sanam Naderi (Iran), Andrea Moneaga (Romania), Yacoub Karambe (Mali), Yidi Wang (China), Américo de Carvalho e Sousa (Brazil), Irida Gjergji (Albania), Gassid Mohammed Hoseini (Iraq).

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